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Oasis Thacker’s Hit List                   

Ghanshyam Thakkar’s Hit List

Hi friends,Don’t worry; this is not God-Father’s Mafia Hit-List.When we put a website, or blog posts in this cyber galaxy, we don’t know who will visit these sites, and from which part of the world. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling that someone I don’t know, in a far-far away land, is clicking on my website, or on my blog post and reading my poem, or listening to my music, or smiling because he or she read something humorous on my blog, or watched a video!In February of this year, I had some changes made in my web hosting account. Recently when I visited the stats, I found some interesting information. In one section, it shows how many hits came from which country, and which country requested how many pages. This was fascinating to me. Some countries like Russia really (pleasantly) surprised me.I hope you keep visiting my websites and blogs. 

Thank you.


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